The links below are some great resources.  Enjoy!!

This one's from Steph who loves animals.  Thank you!!!

Virtual Field Trips

Online Science Games for Kids

All of these sites offer fun online games for kids that have a science theme!

The Lawrence Hall of Science
Center for Games Science
Climate Kids
Discovery Kids
Kids Science Challenge
The Lorax Project
NASA Kid’s Club
NASA Space Place
Design Squad
Peep & The Big Wide World
Plum Landing
Space Racers

Science Research Sites for Kids

The sites on this list are an awesome place for kids to go to learn about science. From fun videos, to interactive designs, to articles written by kids — all of the sites on this list are just amazing.

Science News for Students
Amazing Space
DK Find Out
Frontiers for Young Minds
National Geographic for Kids
Space Scoop
Ask Dr. Universe
Brain POP
Smithsonian Tween Tribune

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